Moi Forest

Forest bathing for the skin boosts the immune system on a daily basis

Enjoy a forest bath – Your skin is a diverse ecosystem that plays a key role in the immunity and balance of the whole body. Moi Forest products have been developed to boost the skin through their high-quality organic ingredients and microbial extract developed by Finnish universities. The Reconnecting Nature™ microbial extract is scientifically proven to support the body’s microbiome when applied to skin. 

Feel the forest on your skin and bring its healing properties to your bathroom.


Reconnecting Nature™is a solution developed by Finnish universities to restore a lost nature connection. Our gentle products include an ingredient that improves the immune system. 

The microbial extract derived from Finnish nature is proven to support and strengthen the immune system. The innovation is the product of the joint Adele project of the University of Helsinki and Tampere University. The project develops ways to prevent immune-mediated diseases including most allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory bowel diseases. According to current understanding, a rapid increase in these is explained by reduced, unilateral exposure to microbes, whereas repeated exposure to nature prevents them.  

Reconnecting Nature™ is a forest bath in the comforts of your home. Using a Moi Forest product with a microbial extract on a daily basis gives you a diverse nature exposure and boosts your immune system. Your defence mechanism will benefit from the diverse Reconnecting Nature™microbes: the products that contain forest dust balance your unique microbiome, boosting the immune system.