Ben & Anna

All our products use ingredients of natural origin only and are certified accordingly. All ingredients are always vegan and micro plastic -free. None of our products have ever been tested on animals. Our packaging material is always chosen wisely in order to have the lowest impact on our environment as possible. 

At Ben&Anna we rely exclusively on recyclables and as a rule as little packaging as possible. This is how we are able to help reduce the growing mountains of waste, and at the same time cut harmful CO2 emissions.

We are doing this, sustainably and based on principle, for the sake of future generations.

From plastic-free to alternative. Indeed achieving zero waste is our end goal especially in the realm of personal hygiene. But we at Ben&Anna are convinced that simply less waste is an important step toward achieving this goal. Although we do not have the perfectly sustainable solution (yet), we carefully consider which non-plastic alternatives to use to package each of our products in order to reduce some of the burden on the environment.

All of these tubes, jars, bottles or cans are actually no longer needed and because we view all of our care products in a sustainable context, we have taken action. That is why we have packaged our deodorants in FSC-certified paper. In this way we protect the environment and conserve natural resources. Our toothpaste comes in a glass jar instead of a (plastic) tube and can therefore be recycled or used for other purposes. And while conventional shampoos and shower gels have a fairly high water content in addition to questionable ingredients, we compress effective 100% natural ingredients in our practical shower tablets. These do not just save water when used but they help reduce the amount of water that needs to be treated afterwards.

This is how we are making gradual progress, from general waste reduction to the conscientious use of resources and avoidance of plastics. It’s good to have you with us … and even better if we go down this path together: from less waste to zero waste. What else can we achieve together?

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